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I look forward to the surely forthcoming ETS2:

Paper truck

Since when did Canada cease being part of North America?

Paper truck

I will add that the developer responded to my comments in a way that shows great class, and I was impressed and appreciative.

I WOULD wish to be able to turn my phone sideways and get a larger photo, but otherwise a seemingly great app. Canada is listed as its own region, not a problem, and then there's North America which only shows the geographical United States including Alaska, but Canada is blacked out… So when did Canada stop being part of North America?

Paper truck

I live in a place where having Canada and the United States would be very beneficial for me, but for some reason Canada isn't part of North America and therefore I cannot do that. We use the selected region for sorting purposes so that our users will see listings from their preferred region first before other listings.

This does not limit you in any way in terms of what you can see or search. This was added as a convenience for our users and can also be changed at any time by navigating to the app settings.

In your specific case if you select Canada as your region it will show Canada listings first but will still show you listings from the United States as well. Inversely if you select North America as your region it will show you listings from the United States first but will still show you listings from Canada as well.

If you have any preference for which region you would like to see first you can simply select that region or change it within your app settings.

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